Poetry Prompts at Book Balloon 

Poetry Prompts at Book Balloon

For National Poetry Month, I–and various guests–will be posting a prompt a day during April at Book Balloon, a great site if you want to talk about reading. I have never encountered people anywhere who read as much as Book Ballooners. Come join us!


April Fool’s / National Poetry Month / My New Blog

Welcome to Rabbits in Green Weather, my blog about books, poems, recipes, yoga, a certain border collie, life in a small Ohio village complete with whining about the squirrel that won’t stop chewing on my car.

It’s the first day of National Poetry Month, when we, the sad introverts of the world, call out the rest of you who may have failed to appreciate sufficiently the astonishing verbal carpentry we labor at, day after day, for your edification and entertainment.

Stay tuned.