The Big Poetry Giveaway


This year I’ll be participating in The Big Poetry Giveaway

organized by poet
Kelli Russell Agodon

Please post in the comments section for a chance to win one of these two books (be sure to include your email, so I can get in touch should you win):

Fried Fish and Flour Biscuits by Molly McGlennen

Words Facing East by Kimberly Becker


18 responses

  1. I’m glad to know about your blog, Janet, and glad for a chance to read the books. I’ve been wanting to read Words Facing East. Fried Fish and Flour Biscuits also looks interesting. I’ll be checking your blog to see what you have to say. My email: –Kathleen Johnson

  2. Hi, Janet. I’d love to be entered in your drawing. And I hope is well back on the Hill!

    Allyson Whipple (Kenyon ’06, though I never had a class with you)

      • Hi Janet!

        I’ve been quite busy. I got my M.A. in English from Case Western Reserve University, and then relocated to Austin, Texas. My work history is a bit of a patchwork. I’ve worked at a nonprofit, a feminist bookstore, an ebook publisher, and now I’m grading standardized tests. All the while, I’ve focused on my writing. I have a chapbook manuscript out for submission, and I’m also in the process of collecting poems for a full collection. Plus, I’m a competitive swing dancer. So I’ve definitely kept busy!

  3. Janet: Please sign me in for a chance of winning one of your fine books through this year’s Big Poetry Giveaway. If I’m lucky enough to win one of your books, I will promise you I’ll read and review it for my popular, monthly online newsletter, which is read by many of this state’s serious poets.

    Thank you!

    Ronald Lewis
    Vermont Poetry Newsletter
    & Poetry Event Calendar

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